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The Remains of the Day

(Dynamic Wall and floor installation)


The installation is inspired by Remains of the Day, by Nobel Prize-winning author Kazuo Ishiguro. The kinetic installation of circular brushes with their long fibers moves clockwise, representing the passing hours and changes taking place over a 24-hour period. The four colors represent morning (white), afternoon (yellow), evening (grey), and night (black). During the rotation, the upper fibers flow over the other long fibers hiding underneath, touching, and sweeping over the floor. The work moves in 2-minute cycles during which the color of the day comes to the forefront. The fibers remaining in the back represent the motif of time and infinite movement, reflecting the concept of continuity. The floor piece is a rusted container placed near the wall piece, densely packed with black fibers which create a coal-like black surface.

These black fibers are used for road-cleaning before being re-paved. They are extremely sturdy, resistant to wear, but have not withstood the crushing process. Visible in the center of the object is the beginning of a new growth spurt sprouting upwards.


Installation view, 2021,
Kinetic wall installation, synthetic fibers (car wash brushes)
Diameter: 110 cm. The Petach Tikva Museum of Art,
Curator: Irena. Gordon

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