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2020    Gilad Meltzer, Haaretz, Groundwater Exhibition   


Chanel 1 TV - Cultural Agent, Review, about Groundwater exhibition, The Gallery in Ramat Hasharon See more

Science and Art Festival. TRANSMEET International Art and Science Festival The Peter Museum of Art and Nanology,

Bar Ilan University  about 'Starching the limits'  project at Bar Ilan University See more

Sigal Namir on the Biennale of Arts and Design at the Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv See more


2019    Gilad Meltzer, Haaretz, The Drawing Jerusalem Biennale  See more

Chanel 1 TV, Cultural Agent on exhibition 'Human Nature: Shared Sensitivities' See more

Art and Science – Podcast "The Journey of Scientific Magic" at The Weizmann Institute of Science  See more


2018    IMBC, About Solo exhibition 'Ruhama' Review  - Dr Smadar Sheffi. See more


2017    Channel 10 Israeli Television, April 2017 See more

2017    The Weizmann International Magazine of Science & People, issue no 89 November See more

2016    Efifio Design Magazine November 2016 See more

2018     Haaretz Museum See more


Work from the exhibition reads clouds in the magazine - Fashion Israel See more

Mention of the exhibition Tsunami in Rishon Lezion (add details (12.9.18) See more

Bienna for registration of reference in ARToday 18.11.19 See more

Monthly of the Weizmann Institute of Science - The Journey of Scientific Magic - About the Exhibition Old, Fake News  See more


The Cloud Reader catalog is listed in the National Library  See more  or Dowlound

Publication in Megaphone Art Magazine for the 2019 Biennale Registration  See more

Publication of a transmission event about the work at Bar Ilan See more

Gallery talk on the exhibition Groundwater at the gallery in Ramat Hasharon See more


Text about the exhibition Fifty Shades of Yellow - from the Netanya Municipality website See more

The website of the Ninet Museum - Bar Ilan See more

Recommendation for work in Ramat Hasharon Website of Meirav Rahat See more

Wall artist A place for art  9.2.16 - 27.2.16 See more


Alfred - Pink Folders See more

Israeli art and design portal - about a cloud reader See more

Publication of the Registration Biennale - The Artists' House website See more

Weizmann Institute of Science Podcast - Natural Material Discussion with Dr. Oliana Shimanovich,


Vardi Bobrov and the Institute's Treasurer See more

A museum site in Israel about the work of the Janko Dada Museum in Ein Od See more

Megaphone - Art portal Video video about the exhibition in Ramat Hasharon See more

Mention on the Binyamin Gallery website about the disturbing landscape exhibition See more


Weitzman Institution of Science See more

An article in YNET - about the exhibition in Netanya See more

Dr. Smadar Shefi's blog on the exhibition Sufa Existence of Common Sensitivity See more

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