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Vardi Bobrow


2008 – 2012   Graduate of The Faculty of Arts - Hamidrasha at Beit Berl College. Israel

1980 – 1983   Graduate of Graphic Design Studies at the Tel Aviv Technion. Israel



2022   AiR Kunstnarhuset Messen April – June 2022, Norway

2019   Nakanojo Residency and Nakanojo Biennale 2019 – Japan

2019   Cassis Artist Residency – France

2016   LNAF Residency - La Napoule Art Foundation – France


Special project:

2019   'Stretching the Limit', commissioned installation for the institute for the J.F Museum

            of Nano Technology, Bar Ilan University. Curator: Tal Israeli  

2017-18   'Old, Fake News' Weitzman science institute Gallery, Rehovot, Curator: Yivsam Azgad

2017   'Connected', a wall project in the city - Beit Tami Tel Aviv, curator: Carmit Blumenson

Solo Exhibitions:

2023   (Upcoming) Cinema Amal, Municipal Gallery of Kfar Sava, Israel; Curator: Hagar Raban. (Catalog)

2022   'Worker', The Lab – art Space Gallery, Curator: Sharon Tuval

2018   'Rahama' Dana Gallery, Kibbutz Yad Mordechai, Israel; Curator: Ravit Harari

2016   'Cloud Reader', Beit Dondikov-Municipal Gallery of Rehovot, Israel; Curator: Ora Kraus. (Catalog (

2014   'Brush Landscape',  Tel Aviv Artist house, Israel  Curator: Vera Pilpoul


Duo and trio exhibitions:

2023   (Upcoming) 'The Wall', (with Noga Yudkvik Etzion, Tel Aviv Art Place, Curator Yair Barak.

2022   'Within Us', The Gallery at Kibbutz Givat Haim, Curators: Hanush Morag and Ruth Chinsky-Amitay

2022   # 4 Experience, Zuzu Gallery, curator: Rotem Ritov.

2018   'Tsunami' The Rishon Lezion new artists' house, curators: Vera Pilpoul and Arie Berkowitz.

2016   '145', Bezalel 7 Gallery, Jerusalem.


Selected Group Exhibitions:

2021   'Digging Down – Art of the Pre-Future', The Bible Lands Museum, Curator: Shira Friedman.

2021   'The Way We Survive', Petah Tikva Museum, Curator: Dr. Irena Gordon.

2021   'Beauty Salon', Gallery 51, The Municipal Gallery in Modi'in-Maccabim-Re'ut, Curator: Nitza Perry.

2021   'Seder Kotan', the gallery in Kibbutz Givat Haim, curators: Hanush Morag and Ruth Chinsky-Amitay.

2021   "Up to the Knee", Tel Aviv a place for art, curator: Noga Yudkebik Etzion.

2020   'Groundwater', Ramat Hasharon Contemporary Art Gallery, Curator: Harari Saturation. 

2020   Tel Aviv Biennale of Art and Design, Eretz Israel Museum, 

            Curator: Henrietta Eliezer Brunner, Yuval Saar

2020   'Sisterhood 2', Online Exhibition, Curators: Shulamit Nuss Hagit Peleg Rotem

2020   'Fifty Shades of Yellow', Gallery on the Cliff, Netanya, Curator: Dr. Guy Morag.

2019   Print Screen Festival, Center for Digital Art, Holon, Curator: Dr. Lior Zalmanson.

2019   'Line. Action', The 7th National Jerusalem Drawing Biennial, Curator: Hadas Maor.

2019   'Tashlich', Neve Schechter Gallery, Tel Aviv Curator: Shira Fridman. 

2019'   'Human Nature: Shared Sensitivities', Jerusalem Biennale, Wolfson Museum Jerusalem,

            Curator: Dr. Smadar Sheffi

2019   'Reflection', Neve Shechter Gallery, Tel Aviv, Curator: Shira Friedman.

2018   'Credit2', Eretz Israel Museum Ramat Aviv, Curators Shulamit Nos and Vera Pilpoul.

2018   'The soap cried very much', Netanya Municipal Gallery, curator Dr. Guy Morag.

2018   'Bad Black Chimpanzee as Forgetting', Tel Aviv Art Place, Curator: Nir Harmat

2019   Nakanojo Biennale 2019, 'Like a Membrane for an Island', Japan

2017   'EMPIRE II', Group Video Art Exhibition, Castello 30122, Riva Dei Sette, Martiri Venice, Italy

2017   'Sisterhood', Herzelilinblum Museum, Tel Aviv; Israel, Curator: Shulamit Nuss, Vera Pilpoul

2016   'La Nap Neuf', Chateau de la Napoule, (during residency) France 

2016   'Bread and Roses', Sale Exhibition "Working Women" Workshops artists Kalisher, Tel Aviv

2016   'Wire (Less) Connections', The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Curator: Daniela Shalev

2016   'Credit1', Exhibition for the Israeli Spirit Association Curator: Shulamit Nos

2016   'Band-Aid', Sale Exhibition for Physicians for Human Rights, Curators: Vardit Gross and Carmelit Galili

2016   'Drawing Salon', Florentine 45, Tel Aviv, Curator Gilat Nadavi 

2015   'The Red Sea', Yanko Dada Museum, Ein Hod, Israel, Curator: Raya Sommer

2015   'Tracing Oblivion', Group Exhibition, Galerie Mémoire de l’Avenir, Paris, France. 

            Curators: Vera Pilpoul, Margalit Berriet

2014   'Epidermis', Florentin 45 Contemporary Art Space, Tel Aviv, Israel Curators: Vera Pilpoul

2014   'Sustainable Empires', Palazzo Albrizzi, Venice, Italy

2012   Graduate Exhibition "Hamidrasha Art School" Beit-Berl, Israel (with catalog)


Publication (Selection)

2020   Gilad Meltzer, Haaretz, Groundwater Exhibition link

            Chanel 1 TV - Cultural Agent, Review, about Groundwater exhibition, 

           The Gallery in Ramat Hasharon. link

           Science and Art Festival. TRANSMEET International Art and Science Festival

           The Peter Museum of Art and Nanotechnology, Bar Ilan University  about 'Starching the limits' project

           at Bar Ilan University link

           Sigal Namir on the Biennale of Arts and Design at the Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv link

2019   Gilad Meltzer, Haaretz, The Drawing Jerusalem Biennale, link

            Chanel 1 TV, Cultural Agent on exhibition 'Human Nature: Shared Sensitivities' link

           Art and Science – Podcast "The Journey of Scientific Magic" at The Weizmann Institute of Science link

2018   IMBC, About Solo exhibition 'Ruhama' Review link

           - Dr Smadar Sheffi.

2017   Channel 10 Israeli Television, April 2017 link 

           The Weizmann International Magazine of Science & People, issue no 89 November 2017 link  

2016   Efifio Design Magazine November 2016 link


Catalog (Selected)

2021   'Beauty Salon', The Municipal gallery of Modiin Maccabim Reut, curator: Nitza Perry.

2021   'Earth Water Air', Ramat Hasharon Municipal Gallery, Curator: Ravit Harari.

2021   Nakanojo Biennale, Japan 2019, (Due to the corona the catalog came out two years late.

2020   Tel Aviv Biennale of Art and Design, Eretz Israel Museum 

2019   The 7th National Jerusalem Drawing Biennial Artists' House, Curator: Hadas Maor. 2019

2019   'Human Nature: Shared Sensitivities', The Jerusalem Biennale, Wolfson Museum Jerusalem,

            Curator: Dr. Smadar Sheffi

2018   Credit2, Group Exhibition, Eretz Israel Museum, Curators: Shulamit Nos Hagit Peleg Rotem

2017   Art on Campus catalogue for the exhibition 'Old, Fake News' The Weizmann Institute of Science

2017   'Credit', Group Exhibition, Shenkar College, Curators: Shulamit Nuss Vera Pilpoul

2016   'Wire (Less) Connections', Group Exhibition, The Israel Museum, Curator: Daniela Shalev

2016   "Cloud Reader", Solo exhibition, The Municipal Gallery of Rehovot, Israel, Curator: Ora Kraus

2016   Hidden Tach, Group Exhibition, Municipal Gallery, Rehovot, Curator: Ora Krauss



2019   Independent Creators Fund Grant.



Weitzman science institute 

Vera Pilpoul Collection

The Yanko Dada Museum

Sharon Tuval Collection

Miri Kremolovsky Collection

Keren Bar Gil Collection

Dr. Smadar Sheffi Collection

R. Barnea

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