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Stretching the Limit 


The site-specific installation is the outcome of an extended dialogue with Prof. Orit Shefi, Bar-Ilan University, who researches the regeneration processes of damaged neurons. Observation and monitoring of the process together revealed characteristics such as elasticity, growth and development of networks and bonds (in the brain and materially): these became the source of inspiration for both sections of the installation. The dual processes of “tracking and decoding” in which Prof. Shefi
attempts to impact the modes and directions in which the neuron trees grow by means of nanometric structures for regeneration and healing.


The artist’s work follows and provides visual expression to the research findings by employing their characteristics and appearances in the form of everyday and industrial materials such as office rubber bands.

The window piece is made from many thousands of silicon 0-bands “growing” over the window like a tree extending its branches towards the light, but also suggesting a neural

network with plentiful extensions loaded with data.

The floor piece is a huge, spherical object with new extensions growing out of it to its sides. The large-size, isolated neural nucleus stands alone as an entity. Observation of the object is like a call to sense the brain processes and an invitation to wander through the cognitive process.

Wall and floor installation, 2019
Office rubber bands, (silicon O-rings) mixed media, 10.5 X 4.5 mt.
The Joseph Fetter Nano-Art Museum of Nanotechnology.

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