About my work

Duration, accumulation and constant transformation are three concepts that preoccupy and accompany me in most of my artistic endeavors.

These concepts permit me to focus on a continuous search, yet desperate trying to decode "something" that is ever-changing. Most works are built on the accumulation of acts of painting or acts of sculpturing that eventually produce an image. In most cases, the image is a quote from a very concrete reference, and that is why I try to 'implant' in to the abstract language tiny, hinted quotes, making the abstract concrete in an amount that will allow a vivid dialogue between the decoded image and the doubts.

To symbolize, to trigger associations, to stimulate the imagination, are much more fascinating to me than presenting a fully decoded image. Furthermore, during my work, the commentary is constantly changing, and I find myself holding onto another source offering new interpretations.

During my work, I look for intermediate materials, with a practical real life functionality such as: "green sponge (for flower arrangements), bubble wrap (protective packaging material), silk and brown paper (for wrappings), aluminum foil, etc… What fascinates about the selection of these materials is the fact that their functional component is always present in the background and yet they become sterile as soon as they appear.